January Record Trip – Back in the Studio

It has been over two months since our January record mission and I am now in the studio, editing the sounds. Actually, I’ve been editing them for the last two months…in between other bits and pieces of work.

When we were recording, we always kept the Schoeps MS rig on the first 2 tracks of the 744, while the other 2 channels we alternated between pairs of Sennheiser 8040’s, 8020’s and a pair of MKH416’s. Then there was the little old Sony M10 running the whole time.

A lot of sounds are just extra recording rubbish that I had to filter through. We had the mics rolling as we were setting up…you know…incase a magic phantom-bird, or mystical monster-beast materialised and did some amazing song. Mostly we just recorded more of us making noise setting up our gear, but you never know when those rare creatures will appear.

We collected 28 hours of raw sound, across 9-10 microphones. I don’t even want to line them up separately to see how much there is in total running time. But it was more than one Pro-tools session could handle. I edited it in 2 separate Pro-Tools sessions and have finally finished my initial processing pass!

In total we have 145 gigs of processed sound. That is epic, no wonder it took me so long to go through.

It’s not over yet though. We need to go through it all and do a full clean. Imagine it’s like cleaning a house. All I have done so far is go through and pick up all the junk off the floor and put things back in the right spots. Now it’s time for the feather duster, the vacuum cleaner and the mop. In some places I’ll need to use gloves and a face mask to get the slime off!

Jokes – anything that filthy I have already scrapped.

I removed mic bumps and all our jabbering nonsense like, “Hey Dave, where do you want this mic?”, or “I’m thirsty, can we go home…” but mostly…”Did you press record?”. You can never ask that question enough.

Anyway, I’m taking a break from the bush and heading into loading Dave’s sounds recorded from his trip to Germany a few years back.

Also, this is my first week on a very exciting new game project, which I’m sure I’ll have more to say about very soon. Making sounds for games is something I’m pretty new to, but it’s an exciting new direction with exciting new challenges…did I mention that it’s all just a little bit EXCITING? Anyway, more on that later…

Catch you soon!


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