Breaking the long silence.

It has been a long time since my last post. It’s like going to the dentist. The longer you leave it, the harder and scarier it is to go back.

The main reason for my long silence is simply too much work. Our work/life balance has been incredibly unbalanced for the last few years. Which is not to say we haven’t been having fun. Quite the opposite actually. Since getting back from Europe mid 2017, we have been flat out. So much so that our mission to put up sound libraries was put on hold along with numerous other projects. We have been busy with film work, but also personal projects. Never a dull moment…or in our case, never a quiet moment.

I might do my re-cap in a few posts so that this first post isn’t 20 pages long.

Given that the last update I made was mid-2017, I can roughly summarise the last 3 years with our major work projects. 2018 was entirely focused on sound for Mortal Engines. This project was massive in terms of the timeline. I was very fortunate to work with such an amazing team of creatives. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what film or project we’re working on, we’re only concerned with making the best sound we can as a team. I had an immensely fun time working with a fantastic crew of creatives and we’re all proud of our work. Though we were flat out and exhausted a lot of the time, we were always in high spirits and part of what kept us going was our ritualistic routines surrounding food. I can’t emphasise enough how important food is in the workplace. We probably spent way too much on cafe lunches, but food is a priceless bonding tool that unites people. Food is life. And when you eat with other people, you are exposed to choices you wouldn’t have thought of, but totally end up loving. For me this year was all about learning the joys of Chongqing noodles. For anyone who hasn’t experienced the taste, I highly recommend it. Read about it here.

So deep has our love of this food become that all year we’ve been making it ourselves for dinner regularly. For people who work the hours we do, finding something healthy and fast to make that you don’t get tired of is a real challenge. It only takes us about 20 minutes to prepare and I feel like the chilli and ginger combination has been a real boost to our immunity too. We’ve both been much healthier this year. I eat a vegetarian version of it which is super tasty, using sesame oil, and you can add whatever dumplings you desire.

Oh look, this update has become entirely about food. Well, that’s my point exactly. Food is life and good art goes hand in hand with good living, and good eating with good friends.

True friends are those that you might not have seen or heard from in the longest time and then when you reconnect, it’s like no time has passed. That is what this blog should be like. It might have been years since I last posted, but here I am, back at it and it’s as comfortable as picking up a nice tasty bowl of noodles.


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