Record Mission: January 17, Turangi

Day 2 of our record mission started with some much needed breakfast and coffee.
We headed off into the forest again, starting with some nice pine in light drizzle and then we working our way around the lake areas and back to the native bush where we had been recording the night before.

This was the highlight of the day for me. We got a chance to see how beautiful the place we had recorded the night before was in the day. I love capturing different perspectives of the same location. A day and night pair is always nice to have in a library.

All in all, it was a pretty easy going day, recording long files and enjoying the freedom of being out in the world. It’s about halfway through that first day that you start to realise you have a full week of such peace to look forward to.

My normally busy mind slowly begins to unravel and the daydreams drift into a flow that is both unintentional and welcomed. For me, true appreciation of the present comes when I stop trying to appreciate it.


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